Attention Dialysis Newbies: Breakthrough Software Makes It Easy For You To Follow A Kidney Diet

Ready to 

 feel better? 

but find it's too hard &  Takes Too Long?

Kidney Food Finder

Find & Calculate The Nutrients in Your Food

At  The Push Of A Button

  Eliminate Confusion & Calculations

What you eat is critical to how you feel! 

Susan Emeny

DO NOT CONTINUE Until You Read This...

Instantly calculate the amount of nutrients in a serving size of your choice, so you don't bust your daily nutrition budget.
Avoid the harmful side effects of not staying on your kidney diet.
Eat what you like, get good labs without a lot of time and effort.
Dialysis will be easier on you and...
Best of all, You'll feel better!

Sue Emeny

P.S. Start feeling better now!

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Staying on a kidney diet can change your life

"Found it easy to use. Just what I have been looking for.I am on a fatty liver, sugar and kidney diet. Just what the Dr ordered.  Thanks for all your hard work!"

Wade Toler, AR

"Gosh it is  great! Gosh it is great! I may not have to go to nutritionist for diabetic/kidney diet. Save $50 copay. Thanks again."

Patricia Myers, NY

"Absolutely amazing. just what I need to show my partner (who is on dialysis) its a daily battle with him trying to control his eating & drinking, thank-you"

Maz Laskey, Peru

Sue Emeny

Meet Susan (Sue) Emeny


My kidneys failed in March of 2012
I started dialysis in July of 2012 & dialyzed for 8 years.
I spent a lot of time researching diet and dialysis.
I discovered that my diet had direct effect on my dialysis and how I felt after treatment
I found the right prescription in March of 2016.
This is when I regained my life!
I'm a retired software engineer with 35+ years experience.
Using my hard won diet, dialysis, & software experience I created the Kidney Food Finder to make my life easier.

Always check with your health provider and/or dietitian before making any changes to your diet or prescription.

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